Our Priorities

Ritchie Industrial Sales, proudly located in Southwest Michigan, has been serving the industrial, manufacturing industry since 2005. Our focus is our customers and providing them with exceptional service and expertise.  We strive to provide our customers with innovative and individual solutions by suggesting recommendations for process improvements and test tools.

Our relationship with our valued manufacturers allows us to work closely with them, ensuring we are providing the newest, innovative products to meet our customers’ needs. We believe in empowering our customers through training and continuous education.  Ritchie Industrial Sales provides personalized in-house trainings, as well as organized hands-on sessions in our showroom.  This knowledge provides our customers a leg up on their competition and helps them to meet their business objectives. Because when our customers succeed, we succeed.

We recognize that there are many options in the industrial marketplace, and we are always working to be recognized as the preferred supplier of industrial products and solutions. We know that each customer has their own applications, opportunities and objectives; we are always working to provide the knowledge, solutions and fair pricing so our customers can focus on their business.

Ritchie Industrial Sales… Always working for you.





"Success in business means TRAINING, discipline, and hard work."  David Rockefeller
Ritchie Industrial Sales believes in providing our customers with the knowledge needed to be successful.  We know that starts with our employee’s continuous education on the new and innovative product.  Their expertise allows them to make the recommendations and aid in solving issues. We offer in-house trainings so our customers can also improve their processes and cycle times.  In addition, we conduct hands-on training sessions at our showroom.
We know our customers are always looking to save costs. Cost savings is not always a price issue but many times it is a training issue. Empowering our customers with the support and education to do their job better and become more successful is our focus and provides a positive impact to their bottom line.
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Ritchie Industrial Sales… Always working for you.




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